25 Men Tested... I Know That This One Has To Be The Father

Original Airdate

November 29, 2004

Episode Type

Paternity, specifically returning paternity guests


Marisol, Efrain, Moyisha, Tommy, Simone, Terrone, and possibly others

The episode "25 Men Tested... I Know That This One Has To Be The Father" originally aired on November 29, 2004 as a part of Season 7 of the Maury Show, and it was devoted to paternity guests, specifically returning paternity guests. This episode was amalgamated with another one to make a 3rd episode that aired 3 weeks later. The "fused" episode had new music that did not exist at the time that the original 2 episodes were created.


Simone was on the Maury Show for the 4th time to test a 2nd man named Terrone for her son Lewis. The audience had a noticeable amount of contempt and disrespect for Simone, largely due to the fact that they showed a clip of her admitting to cheating on her boyfriend 200 times. The tension escalated to the point where Simone jumped out of her chair to fight hecklers on several occasions. Terrone wanted to be the father of Lewis and he was extremely upset with Simone when the DNA tests proved he wasn't.

Moyisha was back to test a 6th man named Tommy for her son Elijah. This would be her 4th time on the show. Tommy, his sister Becky, and their mother Alice, did not believe that Moyisha's son was Tommy's child. Tommy called Moyisha a prostitute and said that he never even had sex with her. The tension between Moyisha and Tommy's relatives, who were there in place of Tommy, escalated to the point where both parties had to be restrained by security guards. Tommy was proven not to be Elijah's father.

Marisol returned for a 9th time with the 10th man overall. This time, she was testing the 2nd man for her son Davian. The man, Efrain, really wanted to be Davian's father and said he would still be his father even if the DNA tests proved he wasn't. Unfortunately, Efrain was not the father, although he vowed to still be a father to Davian regardless.


Out of this episode, the one it was fused together with, and the resulting "remake", Moyisha and Marisol are the only 2 guests to be present in all 3 episodes.

This is one of the last episodes aired in Season 7 before the graphics and music were updated in mid-December 2004.

The date of Moyisha's 3rd appearance is incorrectly given as November 13, 2004, this could not be possible because November 13, 2004 was a weekend and Moyisha was confirmed to have been featured in an episode which actually aired on November 15, 2004.

This episode was possibly taped in mid October 2004.