Name Alycia
Gender Female
Age 16
Partner Paul (boyfriend)
Reason for Visit Accusing Paul of cheating with her best friend Dominique
Aftermath Broke up with Paul and became Internet sensation

Alycia was a guest on the Maury Show who accused her best friend, Dominique of sleeping with her boyfriend, Paul. She became famous for her use of the word chicken tetrazzini, since she believed her friend Dominique's chicken tetrazzini recipe was the thing that caused Paul to stray.


After Paul's lie detector tests were revealed, it became clear that he was sleeping with Dominique and that he also cheated with a family member of Alycia and an ex-girlfriend. She broke up with him, but proceeded to appear on YouTube and The Soup as an Internet meme.

Later on she made up with Dominique, but did not reconcile with Paul. Now she has a new boyfriend and in 2009 was reported to be pregnant with his child.