17 year old Amber and 16 year old Ashley, who are best friends, were on the show to prove to their boyfriends, Gabe and Dana, respectively, that they are the fathers of their babies. Gabe and Dana are also brothers. Amber and Ashley claim that their boyfriends both wanted babies. But the brothers claim that their girlfriends slept around. Gabe said that he and his brother "are too young to be fathers. We got our whole lives ahead of us." Gabe's and Dana's father David also appeared on the show and was angry at his sons for denying their children. "I never raised you guys to disrespect women like this and by denying these children, you're disrespecting me." Shortly after being confronted by their father, Gabe and Dana pledged to be there if they were proven to be the fathers. The DNA test result proved both Gabe and Dana were the fathers of the babies and they apologized.