Sandy says her daughter Breanna is being controlled by her husband Eric, who she married at age 16. Eric threatened to Sandy that he would take Breanna away for interfering in her marriage. Sandy alleged that Eric is physically violent toward Breanna, saying that she discovered bruises on Breanna's body and that Breanna's and Eric's daughter told her she witnessed her father throw her mother into a garage door. He also forced Sandy to sign papers allowing Breanna to get married while underage.

Eric admitted that he and his wife frequently argue but denied pushing her into the garage door. He does not allow her to have any male friends, saying it's not appropriate for a married woman to do so. Breanna said she is not allowed to wear certain types of clothing and that Eric make her drop out of her GED class because other men were hitting on her.

Later on the show, Breanna posed as a homeless person on a New York City street. When Eric approached her to bring a blanket and realized it was her, Eric walked off in rage and engaged in a heated exchange with Raphael B Johnson and Breanna.