Bria feared that her boyfriend Marcus was cheating on her and secretly working as a pimp. She also suspects Marcus' brother Tac was helping him. Bria moved out of their home with their son Marcus. She said she found a photo of him posing with a woman on Instagram. Marcus denied he was a cheater and denied being influenced by Tac. He described his relationship with Bria as "complicated".

The lie detector test revealed that Marcus exposed himself in video chats with other women, used a secret phone number to cheat with other women and he did had sex with the woman in the Instagram photo. While Maury was reading the results, Bria repeatedly got up from her chair to attempt to attack Marcus despite being restrained by security and being ordered by Maury to stay seated.

The lie detector test also revealed that Tac helps his brother cheat. Marcus refused to answer a question about his involvement with prostitutes. When Maury asked Bria what the future was, she responded "Done."