Candy suspected her boyfriend Joe has been having an affair with her grandmother, 65 year old Carol. Joe admits he is attracted to older women, but denies cheating with Carol. She likewise denies the accusations.

Candy caught Joe leaving Carol's bedroom at 4am and found a pair of his pants near her bed. When Carol came out from backstage, she said she and Joe were watching TV at 4am when they were discovered by Candy.

Joe says he spends time with Carol and watches movies with her. He says Candy inspects his body parts when he comes home and that it's "downright downgrading". He works at a barbecue restaurant to support Candy and their child but he gets accused of cheating every time he comes home.

When Maury read the results, he revealed that Joe admitted to the lie detector administrator that he cheated, and the test determined it was with five women. He also paid for sex and that he has cheated while he said he was at work. However, the test revealed he did not cheat with Carol.

After the show, Executive Producer Paul Faulhaber asked Carol if she would let Joe live in her house and she said no.

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