Guest type

Recurring paternity guest

Number of appearances

7 or more

Date of appearances

2002-2003 season to Feb. 21, 2005


Unknown, probably in 20s

Chakka was a guest on the Maury Show who appeared on the Maury Show several times from 2002-2005. She tested 11 men for her 3 children, Mustafa, Mary, and Mylove. The same man, Corey, fathered Mary and Mylove, but Chakka tested up to 9 men for her oldest child, Mustafa, including a man also named Mustafa, and was not able to find Mustafa's father. She was confirmed to be on the show on November 15, 2004, April 30, 2003, and February 21, 2005, but she appeared on several other unspecified dates.

For the most recent update video of Chakka, check out The Maury Show's YouTube Channel. Here is a summary video of Chakka of her last appearance.