17 year old Destanee suspected that her 23 year old boyfriend Jessie, was cheating on her with several of her family members, including her own mother April. Destanee and Jessie have a baby together but Destanee also suspected that Jessie fondles women in public including April. Destanee found sexually explicit Facebook messages Jesse sent to other women.

April said Jessie did attempt to fondle her but she denied sleeping with him. Jessie denied attempting to fondle April or any other women. He said that her other family members were attempting to cause them to break up. "Destanee has a great man in front of her, but she's not seeing it." Jessie said. He said the allegations of him attempting to fondle Destanee's family members are "really starting to piss me off".

The lie detector test revealed Jessie cheated on Destanee with more than five women, was cheating when he said he was working longer hours and that he was attracted to April, grabbed her buttocks and attempted to have sexual contact with her but that he didn't have sex with April. After Maury was finished reading the results to Destanee, he told her "You have a baby, you've got to think long and hard. What are you going to do?" Backstage, Destanee indicated that she was leaving Jessie.