Diana feared her husband Demetrice was having sex with her sister Kelly and got her pregnant. One day, Diana came home from work and found Kelly in her underwear and Demetrice standing nearby "with a stupid look on his face". Kelly frequently shook her head no while backstage. Diana said her husband frequently comes home from work with stains on his pants.

Two decoys accompanied Demetrice in the green room. He told one decoy she was beautiful and that "I would do you." He asked her to expose herself. He asked the second decoy if he could unbutton her pants.

Demetrice denied cheating but found out he was busted flirting with the decoys.

Kelly denied sleeping with Demetrice and told Diana "you have been watching too many Lifetime movies." She suggested Demetrice is a cheater but not with her.

The lie detector revealed Demetrice never cheated with Kelly but cheated on Diana just three days after they married. He also slept with another woman in his and Diana's bed and cheated with a co-worker over ten times. The stains on his pants were indeed a result of Demetrice cheating.