Don and Amy first appeared on the show with their 17 year old son Steven. Don and Amy hired Jessica three years ago to babysit Steven when he was 14 but Maury said Jessica went "a little further than just babysitting Steven". Jessica had a sexual relationship with Steven, got pregnant, and claimed he was the father of her daughter Cheyenne, now 3 years old. Don said he and Amy had no idea that Jessica and Steven were having sex until she got pregnant and claimed that she was "looking for nothing but a meal ticket". Jessica admitted to sleeping with Steven but said he was the father of Cheyenne. Steven likewise was convinced he was the father and said he would not leave Jessica even if he was not Cheyenne's father. When Maury revealed that Steven was not the father, Jessica ran backstage with Don following her, yelling, "Where are you going, bitch?!" Steven also followed Jessica and consoled her.

Later, everyone returned and Jessica tested Don for paternity of Cheyenne. Don took a lie detector test denying he had sex with Jessica. The test revealed that he did have sex with Jessica and he believed he fathered Cheyenne. A DNA test proved he was not the father.

Jessica and Steven got married and they returned with Don for a third time. Don accused Jessica on cheating on Steven with a family friend. A lie detector test revealed she didn't cheat with the family friend but she admitted to the lie detector administrator she cheated with another man.

Don and Amy returned a fourth time because Don suspected his brother Curtis was having an affair with Amy. Don said if it was proven that it's true, he would forgive Amy because she forgave him in the past, but would not forgive Curtis. He was accused of exposing himself to Amy which he denied but a lie detector test proved that he did. The lie detector test also proved they did not have sexual intercourse.

Don and Amy returned yet again because she accused him of sleeping with her best friend but a lie detector proved otherwise.

Don returned with a woman named Samantha who was accusing him of being the father of her baby. He admitted having a one night stand with Samantha when he and Amy were separated. The DNA test revealed that Don was not the father.