Elona and RichardEdit

Elona and Richard are a married couple who have appeared on Maury at least 3 times, as early as 2001.

Initial AppearanceEdit

Elona and Richard intially appeared on the show in 2001 in the Season 3 episode "You Must Do What I Say...Or Else!" At the time, Richard was allegedly very controlling and abusive towards Elona. Very little is known about this appearance, and it is not known if it was mentioned in any subsequent appearances by the pair.

"Stop Cheating On Me With My Mother" - 2nd AppearanceEdit

Elona and Richard reappeared on the show on April 29, 2004. This time, Elona had cheated on Richard with an African-American man 2 times, and said her son, Nathean (who looked distinctively African-American) was most likely not Richard's biological son. The DNA test proved that Richard was not the biological father of Nathean.

Later Paternity TestsEdit

Elona has been confirmed to have returned to the show after her second appearance, possibly in November 2004, most likely to test additional men for Nathean's paternity. The outcomes of these tests are not known, and it's not even clear if Richard came back on the show with her.