A falsifiable genre is an episode type of the Maury Show that is especially vulnerable to people who have made up fake stories in order to get money, attention, or a free trip.


Although every kind of Maury Show episode is vulnerable to deceivers, episodes that do not require lie detector tests or paternity tests can prove to be especially problematic. This is because the show is forced to go solely on what the guests say and no external source of proof is provided. Episodes like wild teen girl episodes without lie detectors, sex secret episodes, and abusive husbands episodes are the most affected types.


As said before, one of the most common signs is that no lie detector or paternity test was administered during the segment. Guests who appear on Maury numerous times are also at higher risk than those who appear once or twice. Guests may also appear on different talk shows like Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos, and Bill Cunningham and their stories on these shows may vary from their stories on Maury, sometimes significantly.

Suspicious Maury Guests:

Joe and Shelley

Ricktoria and Clinton