Fefe's first appearance at the Maury Show in 2002

Fefe was one of the guests in the Maury Show.

First AppearanceEdit

Fefe first came to the Maury Show in 2002 in the episode title "I'm Afraid of Bandages, Bugs and Birds!" Her fear/phobia was cats. She tried to go backstage so she stayed on the corner screaming her head of and then she grabbed the cameraman's leg. She didn't go back until the cats were gone. The next guest was scared of mounted animal heads.


On the episode "Outrageous Maury Guests.... Where are they Now?"  Fefe doesn't like cats, but when she sees them she could tolerate them and doesn't run about it.
Maury Cat Phobia Update! (2002)

Maury Cat Phobia Update! (2002)