An illegitimate episode of the Maury Show is an episode which is packaged together in a way to make it appear as if it's a new one, but in reality, they are just fragments of old episodes glued together. Illegitimate episodes should not be confused with hybrid episodes; hybrid episodes are a specific type of illegitimate episode. Illegitimate episodes have been confirmed to have been created as early as Season 3, but probably have been going on since the beginning of the Maury Show. They are generally looked down upon by the Maury community and contain several quality errors that would otherwise not be present in legitimate episodes under normal circumstances.

Some illegitimate episodes admit they are illegitimate episodes. However, most illegitimate episodes do not present themselves as such, and as a result, use strange, and sometimes even deceptive tactics designed to trick viewers into believing they're real episodes, hybrid episodes being one example of these.


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