John and Evette are recurring guests on the Maury Show who appeared at least twice between the

John and Evette

Guest types

Cheating/abusive husband show guests

Number of appearances


Date of appearances

2006-2007 season/Oct. 1, 2009


30s to 40s


2006-2007 season and the 2009-2010 season.

The first time John and Evette appeared on Maury, John confessed to his fiancee Evette that he's been having a 10 month affair with her younger sister Jamila. When Maury asked how many times John slept with Jamila, he said "Hundreds of times Maury."

When Evette found out the secret from John, she was enraged. "You bring me all the way to New York to tell me this?!" she asked angrily. She then collapsed on the set sobbing and had to be consoled by Maury.

After Maury escorted Evette back to her seat, a video message from Jamila was shown apologizing to Evette for her affair with John. However, she wanted him to leave her sister and be with her. "I'm young, sexy, don't take care of him so I'll do just that." Jamila said. "You're my sister and I love you, but I love John more."

John said he wanted to be with Evette, not Jamila but Evette said "I don't want to be with him Maury!", and the audience cheered loudly. Jamila came out from backstage and she claimed that John told her he loved her. Both sisters had to be separated by Maury and security. Maury told Jamila she needed to stop messing with John but she continued to insist he told her that he loved her.

John and Evette returned for a second time on October 1, 2009. This time, Evette was saying that John was extremely abusive and controlling towards her. Evette said John has punched her hundreds of times and that he makes her brush his teeth, massage his feet, and that he also makes her call him "Big Daddy". Later on, John regrets abusing Evette and he apologized to her but Evette either took him back or breaks up with him. It is unknown if the abuse started after their first appearance, or if it was present throughout the entire 12 year course of their relationship. John and Evette's prior appearance on Maury and John's affair with Jamila was never mentioned during this episode. John and Evette have not been confirmed to be on the show since this appearance.


The legitimacy of these guests' appearances is in question. Evette never mentioned that John was abusive to her during their first appearance and never mentioned the incident with Jamila in their second appearance. Additionally, there is no external proof that these guests came on the show for a legitimate reason, such as a lie detector test or a paternity test. However, given the fact that numerous other, legitimate recurring guests have had unmentioned appearances, and Maury often fails to recognize past guests, John and Evette may just have an incredibly stormy relationship.

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