Episode? I'm terrified of chalk, hair and circus clowns!

Phobia? Spiders.

Guest? Second guest.

Reaction when she saw them on the screen? Screamed trying to jump of her seat.

Actual reaction, when she confronted them? Screamed, ran backstage flapping her arms and them she got into a fetal position yelling "Please! Take it away! Oh god."

Was she cured? When the spider was being brought in Charlotte (scared of hair) said to her, "Do it barbie, its for you baby". Then Juana held the spiders on her hands saying quietly smiling, great. One of the audience members got emotional.

Story? She was origanly from Puerto Rico and she said in her pre interview (in her house) "I want to spend time with my kids, go to the park with them but I can't, I can't do it". She said she puts cotton balls in her ears while she's asleep, but when she gets really nervous she puts them in her nose and she goes to bed like that and at the end she said "Help, I can't do this no more (with a fearful laugh). Straight after the pre interview Maury quietly says "Juana were going to bring a spider out there". Then Juana trembles like bad closes her eyes and shakes her head saying "no, no,no" (stuttering) then the audience encourages it to happen then Juana raises her voice and says "wait, wait, wait" and of course I mentioned her reaction.

Gag moment #1: when Juana came on stage she took her shoes of as she sat down so Maury, the audience and even cynthia laughed and Juana smiled. Then Maury chuckled a said "what are u taking your shoes of for"? juana replied and said "I'm taking of my shoes". Juana says "At my time they said , please don't fall, so I'm going to take them of. Maury says "You know I'm going to do something". Juana replies "I knew you where going to bring it out Maury. I'm a faithful watcher honey I know you are going to bring it out here".