Name Kimberley
Gender Female
Age 14
Partner Unknown
Family Kerri (mother)
Reason for Visit Being a wild // out of control teen, being a mother at age 14.
Kerri brought her daughter Kimberley onto the Maury show for being a wild and out of control teen. At the age of 14, Kimberley refuses to go to school, sleeps until 4pm and then hits the streets to meet up with guys in her gang, smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, having unprotected sex with multiple partners and getting paid for it. Furthermore, at age 14, she is the mother of an 8-month old baby, Logan, who she refuses to take care of.

Kimberley explains how she loves her 8 month-old baby Logan, but she wants nothing to do with him. She says that she hates it when her baby cries and she finds him annoying. She doesn't change his diapers or bathe him and makes her mother, Kerri, take care of her baby, because she'd rather be partying. Despite being 14 years old and already having a baby, Kimberley still smokes, parties, pops pills, steals and has unprotected sex, including threesomes over 5 times and gets paid $30 for sex. She says that no one can tell her what to do.