17 year old Latonya was on the show to prove to her ex-boyfriend Maurice that he was the father of her son, four month old Maurice Jr. Latonya claimed Maurice dumped her when he learned she was pregnant. While Latonya and Maury were discussing the situation, Maurice came out to confront her and both had to be separated by Maury and security. Maurice walked backstage and hid in the bathroom. When Maury asked why he went in there, Latonya responded "He is chicken! He is (bleep)!" Maury went backstage to bring Maurice out but once again he and Latonya had to be separated. Maury then decided to read him the DNA test results privately.

Later, Latonya's mother Erica sat next to her daughter. She says Maurice does nothing for her grandson so she gets stuck caring for him. Maury revealed the DNA test result and Erica and Latonya appeared stunned when they found out Maurice was not the father of Maurice Jr. Latonya, immediately began apologizing, saying "I wouldn't have came on here if I didn't know." Maury walked backstage to inform Maurice that he was not the father and he shouted "Oh (bleep)! Hell yeah! (bleep)! Hell yeah!" Maurice came out on the set a third time and Latonya apologized to him.