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Guest type

Recurring paternity guest

Number of appearances


Date of appearances

February 2005 - July 2009

 Marlene (sometimes spelled Marlynn) was a recurring paternity guest who had a total of 6 DNA tests for her 3 children. She gained notoriety for testing the same man, A-Tone, for all 3 of her children on 3 different occasions and having none of the children turn out to be A-Tone's.

During her first appearance on February 18, 2005, Marlene claimed A-Tone was the father of her son Typriest. A-Tone did not believe so because of Typriest's hair texture and due to the size of his private parts. Even though he had strange reasons for denying Typriest, A-Tone was proven not to be Typriest's father.

Marlene returned on September 2, 2005 to test 2 more men for her son Typriest, and the DNA tests proved neither of them were Typriest's father.

Marlene had a new baby sometime after that and appeared again on the show in February 2007, claiming, yet again, that A-Tone was the father of her new baby Cherish. A-Tone was proven to not be the father again, and he called Marlene names afterwards, causing Marlene to get very upset.

Finally, Marlene got pregnant again with her youngest child Tiara. A-Tone denied he was the father not only due to the past DNA tests but also due to the fact that his best friend Shawn claimed he slept with Marlene and could be her baby's father. Shawn was given a lie detector test on this but the results were inadmissible due to a family crisis. The DNA tests proved that neither Shawn nor A-Tone was the father of baby Tiara. We have not seen Marlene since.