Megan was a woman on the Maury Show who had a total of 5 DNA tests conducted for her 2 children,


Guest type

Recurring paternity guest

Number of appearances


Dates of appearances

October 2, 2007 / December 2007 / May 5, 2008 / May 17, 2010


Probably in 20s

Jayvonne and Amari between 2007 and 2010. Megan tested 4 different men for her son Jayvonne, and was unable to find his biological father on the show. However, she was able to find the father of her new baby, Amari, who was one of the men who was already proven not to be the father of Jayvonne. Megan gained infamy due to her many exaggerated and dramatic reactions and hysterics during her journey on the Maury Show.

Appearances Edit

Megan first appeared on the Maury Show on October 2, 2007. She was furious a man named Michael was denying her son Jayvonne. Megan believed that the reason why Michael was denying her son is because of his new wife, Aja. Megan was so confident that Michael was the father, she even sang and danced a song about getting child support. However, Michael was proven not to be the father of Jayvonne and Megan broke down in tears backstage. Then, in December of 2007, Megan returned for a second time with a man named David, who appeared to want to be Jayvonne's father, but the paternity tests proved that David, the 2nd man tested for Jayvonne, was not the father. Megan was very upset by this and ran backstage in tears. Then, on May 5, 2008, Megan returned with two different men, Kayton and Shawn, who both wanted to be Jayvonne's father. Megan was engaged to Kayton at the time, and Kayton was unaware that other men had been tested for Jayvonne. Shawn was proven not to be the father of Jayvonne, and Megan ran backstage crying and apologizing profusely to Shawn. Then, when the DNA tests proved Kayton was not the father either, Megan ran backstage again, screaming and crying. Kayton said he would still marry Megan even though he was not the father of Jayvonne. However, Megan and Kayton returned to the Maury Show 2 years later, on May 17, 2010, because Kayton did not believe he was the father of Megan's new baby, Amari, and said he believed Megan was prostituting, which infuriated Megan. The DNA tests proved Kayton did father Megan's new son, Amari. Megan has not been confirmed to be on the show since.