Monica and Tommy are recurring guests on the Maury Show who have been confirmed to have appeared

Monica and Tommy

Guest type

Recurring paternity/cheating guests

Number of appearances


Date of appearances

April 30, 2004 / November 15, 2004 / July 11, 2005


17-19 (Monica only)

on the show 3 times between April 30, 2004 and July 2005.


During their first appearance on April 30 2004, 17-year-old Monica wanted to reveal to her fiance Tommy that she cheated on him with 8 different men around the time she got pregnant with her son Avery. This news devastated Tommy, but Tommy was proven to be the father of Avery. Then, on November 15, 2004, Tommy and Monica were back for another paternity test for Monica's new baby, Kourtney. This time, Monica denied cheating on Tommy and was furious because her own mother Nannette was the one who told Tommy that she didn't believe Kourtney was his daughter. Monica was so furious that she said that no matter what the results were, she was leaving Tommy. Tommy was proven to be the father he ended up apologizing, although Nannette never apologized. Although Monica said she was leaving Tommy during their 2nd appearance, on July 11, 2005, Monica and Tommy were back for a 3rd time because Monica believed Tommy was cheating on her. Tommy denied everything. A lie detector test proved that Tommy never cheated on Monica. This is Monica and Tommy's last confirmed appearance on the show.