15 year old Nicole appeared on the show with her 14 year boyfriend Cruz with the determination of having a baby. Nicole purchased a collection of baby clothes, maternity clothes and toys, among other baby items.

Cruz made a up a lullaby for the baby in which he sings "My baby pony..." He said that he would get a job a Chuck E Cheese to help support the baby.

Later in the episode with the other teen girls wanting a baby, Nicole and Cruz took care of babies to get an idea of what it is like to take care of them. Realizing how hard it is, they put their plans on hold.

However, a few months ago, Nicole came back to the show several months pregnant. When Maury asked if she was happy about it, she said "I'm excited.". Nicole feared that Cruz was cheating on her. His mother June sent Nicole a picture of Cruz kissing another girl. A lie detector test cleared Cruz of cheating.

Nicole gave birth to a daughter named Luna but she and Cruz returned to the show again because Cruz denied he was the father because he claimed that Nicole cheated on him. He said that he told Nicole and her mother that he tried to find a job to help raise Luna but that he couldn't find one because no one was hiring and it wasn't his fault. A DNA test proved he was the father of Luna. When Maury asked Nicole if she would allow Cruz to get in Luna's life, she said "No, I'd put that on my life."