Susan says she's been controlled by her husband Paul for 8 out of their 13 years of marriage. She was forced to shave his initials on her private parts and get a tattoo of his name on her buttocks. Paul forbids Susan from any contact from any other man and asked the post office to remove the mail man that delivers to their house and replace him with a mail woman. Susan says Paul moved them to a rural, isolated area so as to prevent her from speaking to anyone and he forces her to walk 10 miles a day regardless of weather conditions. He also forces her to wipe and dry him with a warm cloth after he uses the bathroom.

Paul says he learned from his father and likewise taught his son Jonathan, who's 12 years of age. "My father controlled my mother," Paul said, "I control my wife, my son WILL control his girlfriend, and THAT is what our family history is all about!"

Jonathan says he looks up to his father and wants to be just like him when he grows up. Maury told Paul that teaching Jonathan to control his mother is "the worst form of abuse" and criticized Jonathan for not telling his father to stop controlling his mother.