Peggy (commonly referred to by her nickname Piggy) was a 15-(later 16)year-old guest on the Maury Show

Peggy (Piggy)

Guest type

Wild teen/paternity guest

Number of appearances


Dates of appearances

April 30/May 1, 2001 / November 12, 2001


16 (as of latest appearance)

who appeared on the show twice between April/May and November 2001. She originally was on the show because she was a wild teen who was also pregnant at the time of her first appearance and later returned about six months later after giving birth to her son because her son's alleged father was denying him.

Appearances Edit

Piggy first appeared on the show on April 30, 2001 because her mother Rana was afraid for her life. Piggy was sexually active with multiple older men, was having sex in public, and also was dancing for men. Piggy's sexually promiscuous behavior caused her to get pregnant, but this did not stop her wild behavior. On this show, Piggy claimed that she knew who her baby's father was, and insinuated that he had many other children with other women. Rana did not believe her daughter knew who her baby's father was and said that the alleged father was denying that he was the father. Piggy and other wild teens from the episode were sent to jail to see what their lives could possibly be like if they continued on the same destructive path. Piggy also spoke to a pregnant inmate who had HIV, and had other children with HIV, and whose unborn child was most likely to be born with HIV. This woman is cited by Piggy to be the driving force behind her decision to change her life, and Piggy said she did not want to end up in jail or dead like those inmates.

After Piggy went home, according to her mother Rana, she calmed down significantly, and gave birth to her son, Kelton. They returned on November 12, 2001 because Piggy was claiming an 18-year-old man named Darwin was her son's father. Piggy said she slept with Darwin 5 times around the time she got pregnant. Darwin denied he was Kelton's father, saying Piggy was indeed very out-of-control around the time she got pregnant. A DNA test proved that Darwin was not the father of Piggy's son Kelton. In an update in the days following this appearance, it was revealed Piggy tested a second man for her son Kelton, and the results of that test showed that the second man was also not the father.

More than 5 years after Piggy's second appearance, she sent Maury a video postcard saying that she was now raising a family; she had three additional children in the years following her appearances on Maury. She also said she was able to locate Kelton's biological father. Piggy has not been on the show since.

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