Name Rayletha
Gender Female
Age 14
Partner Unknown
Family Teresa (mother)
Teresa took her out of control daughter Rayletha on to the Maury show because she was concerned about her being a wild and out of control teen. Her mother explains how she is ready to walk away from her 14 year old daughter Rayletha as she is hell bent on becoming a teen mom. Rayletha explains that she may be 14 years old, but she said that she knows everything there is to know about making a baby. She said that once she has her baby, her mother Teresa will take care of it because she doesn't want to change any dirty diapers.

Rayletha went onto explain how she has all of her baby names picked out, including Samaria, Jaiquora, Janarious, Zakelas and Cavasiea (based on the liqour, Courvoisier, which Rayletha drinks every single night at age 14.) Rayletha said that she only needs two cans of baby formula and her mom can get the rest after she's pregnant. Rayletha explains how that if anyone gets in her way, she beats the hell out of them. She said that she's already given her mother, Teresa, a black eye and to quit telling her to not have a baby, otherwise she'll give her another one.

Teresa, Rayletha's mother, explains how she calls her names and breaks out her windows. Rayletha says that the only reason she wants a baby is to show her stomach off. She's also been in over 1,000 fights as other girls tell her not to have a baby. She said that she steals and is going to prostitute to take care of her baby. She said she's tired of her mother telling her what to do and that she controls her and right now, she needs to shut up. During the break, Rayletha said she plans to go on welfare so that everyone can take care of her baby. When challenged, Rayletha says "whatever," a word she repeated a total of 112 times throughout her appearance.