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Recurring paternity guest/cheater/cheating victim

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November. 6, 2003 - March 10, 2014



Simone was a recurring guest on "The Maury Show", appearing on the show for a total of 14 times: 3 of those appearances were due to instances of cheating as 2 of those times she was the one being cheated on and the third, she was the one cheating. While the other 11 appearances were instances of paternity as she tested 11 men for paternity of her son Lewis, which none of these men were proven to be the father. Simone's appearances took place over the course of more than 10 years, beginning in Season 6 and the most recent appearance being in Season 16.


The first very time viewers were introduced to Simone was when she appeared on the episode that aired on November 6, 2003 as she suspected that her boyfriend, Jason, was cheating on her with her very own sister, Monique and a lie detector test later proved that he did.

Just a couple of weeks later, on the 21st, Simone and Jason came back, as this was the first time for paternity as Jason denied that he was the father of her son, Lewis. Simone was quoted by saying that she was "100% positive, I know he's the father." but a paternity test proved that Jason was NOT the father. Although he was proven NOT to be the father, Jason & Simone remained in a relationship but all of that changed come the following year on November 22, 2004, when she confessed to having cheated on him nearly 200 times. As a result of this, Jason dumped Simone and was never seen again after this appearance.

After Jason, Simone began the path of testing 10 more men for the paternity of her son, Lewis, beginning on the November 29, 2004 episode titled "25 Men Tested... I Know This One Has To Be The Father" and her new boyfriend Terrone. who wanted to be the father of Lewis. During this latest appearance, Simone said that she was "110 percent" sure that Terrone was the father but the studio audience was skeptical as they loudly booed & jeered her and later, she gets into a shouting match with a woman in the audience. In the end, Terrone was proven to NOT be Lewis's father as he stormed off the stage with Simone chasing after him while the audience erupted with rambunctious cheering & laughter.

On February 3, 2005, Simone is back for a fifth time, with a new man named Malik, the third man to be tested for paternity of Lewis. Malik makes it abundantly clear that he does NOT want to be the father of Lewis, citing "unclassy" and trashy behavior on Simone's part. Simone said that this time around, she was "120 percent sure" while still fighting with the studio audience as she shouted "Keep your insults to yourself" to them. She was proved wrong once again as Malik was proven NOT to be the father as she she ran backstage crying and Malik was seen on stage dancing.

Just a few short weeks later, on the 21st, Simone returned with a 4th man: a cab driver named Freddie for the paternity of Lewis. With each appearance, Simone kept adding 10% on how sure she was on each man will be proven to be the father of her son, she said "And now Maury, I'm 130%." But this here appearance is one of Simone's most memorable and most talked about due to her being too hyper and overly confident as she said. "I can't sit down for this Maury, cause I'm just too excited and I just want the audience to feel stupid afterwards" but in the end, the one looking stupid was once again, Simone, as Freddie was also proven NOT to be the father as the audience cheered hysterically.

On March 2, 2005, Simone is back for the seventh time, with a fifth man named Leslie as well as to having to confess a secret to her boyfriend Terrone (as they stayed together after Terrone was proven NOT to be the father of Lewis). The issue here was that Leslie was Terrone's father and was not aware that Simone had sex with his father when they were both incarcerated. Leslie, like the four men before him (including his own son), was too proven NOT to be the father of Lewis. As for Terrone, he was devastated over learning that Simone had sex with his father and ended their relationship and has not been seen on "The Maury Show" since that appearance.

Two months later come May 9, 2005, Simone returns with a 6th man named Patrick, testing him as well for paternity for Lewis. Patrick was also proven not to be the father as Simone ran off to a secluded backstage area in embarrassment as Patrick angrily demanded an apology from her.

In September, on the 16th, viewers saw Simone returning to "The Maury Show" for a 9th time with a 7th man named Joey, whom she also tested for paternity of her son. During this appearance, Simone said that she wanted to be a family with Joey, as she did with Jason and later Terrone. Joey too, was proven NOT to be Lewis's father as Simone literally kicked away her chair and fell to the ground sobbing and Joey appeared to be very overjoyed not having to be a father to Lewis.

Two months later on November 16, 2005, Simone is back once again for another paternity test with a man named Joe and an unidentified female, who appeared to be his wife, girlfriend or family member. Joe was also proven NOT to be the father as Simone, once again ran off the stage while Joe and his female companion celebrate (while the majority of Simone's appearances have surfaced on YouTube, this one is one of very few that has NOT).

On February 10, 2006, Simone returns to "The Maury Show" for an 11th time with a 9th man to be tested for paternity, a man named Paul, who appeared with his newlywed wife, Raelynn. This appearances is another one of Simone's most memorable due to her angrily charging backstage in an attempt to attack Raelynn as both ladies were then separated by show security. "You don't know me! You know nothing about me! Get it together!" Simone yelled. Paul, like the 8 other men before him, was too proven NOT to be the father of Simone's son, Lewis. While Paul & Raelynn cheered with the audience, Simone was found backstage sobbing as Maury consoled her by saying that they would continue to help her find the father of Lewis.

Several months later come November 2006, Simone confesses to having slept with many men in exchange for shelter, quoted saying "I was homeless. I manipulated these men just to get a roof over my head, so if I had to sleep with them, I did it to survive." On that same show, she tested a man named Eric, the 10th man for paternity of Lewis. As viewers probably already suspected, Eric was also proven NOT to be the father as the audience roared in excitement and laughter and Simone literally snatched the paper out of Maury's hands to read the results herself before she ran off the stage. She even tearfully begged and pleaded for the potential father of her son to come forward.

On her 13th and second-to-last appearance, on May 18th 2007, Simone tested an 11th man named Bees for the paternity of Lewis. Just like the ten other men before him, Bees was also proven NOT to be the father of Simone's son as she ran off stage and locked herself in a bathroom. Bees was the last man Simone tested for Lewis.

Then, 6 years later, in March 2014, Simone returned to "The Maury Show" for the 14th time but under different circumstances. She is back because she was convinced that her new boyfriend, Aaron, was cheating on her with other women. Unfortunately, she was proven to be right as Aaron failed his lie detector test and Simone ended their relationship. This was Simone's last appearance; she has not been seen on the show since.

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Simone has appeared in all but 3 of the episodes dedicated to returning paternity guests in Season 7 (2004-2005).

She is the only recurring paternity guest who has never tested more than one man at once for the paternity of her son Lewis.

Simone seemed to be unsure as to what ethnicity her son Lewis is, due to having tested men of several different ethnicities for him.