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Telena appeared on the show 10 times between February 2005 and November 2017 to test men for the paternity of her six children.

During her first appearance on February 7, 2005, Telena confessed to her sister Tabatha that she slept with her husband Brian three years ago. Tabatha ran backstage sobbing with Telena chasing her begging for forgiveness. Maury followed and escorted them back on the set.

Telena then admitted Brian may have fathered her first son Malachi. Tabatha shouted, "Oh my God!" then once again ran backstage being followed by Telena and Maury. After he brought them back on the set again a video message with Brian was shown. "Tabatha, I am so sorry I had sex with your sister Telena five times. I love you with all of my heart. Please forgive me." He then came out from backstage being booed by the audience. Although Telena said she didn't have any romantic feelings toward Brian, Tabatha said "She can have him."

The episode aired in two parts and in part 2 Maury revealed the DNA test result and Brian was not the father of Malachi. While he and Tabatha celebrated, Telena ran backstage crying. Maury asked "Why is she running away?" Although she had said she was "positive" Brian was the father, she admitted she didn't know who it was.

Two weeks later, on February 21, 2005, Telena , Tabatha and Brian returned for a second time to test Brian's nephew Nathan. Tabatha said she hasn't "fully forgave" Telena for her affair with Brian. Telena said she always thought Nathan could be the father but didn't tell him after finding out his uncle was not the father. He wanted to be Malachi's father. He was nervous about being on the show so Maury and Telena escorted him out from backstage. The DNA test proved that Nathan was not Malachi's father and Telena once again ran backstage sobbing. She returned by herself a week later on March 2, 2005 to test Brian's brother, who refused to appear on the show, and he was not the father.

On May 5th 2008, long after she last tested men for Malachi, she returned with her then fiancee Tommy, who wanted to be the father, but the DNA tests proved that Tommy, the 4th man tested for Malachi and the 7th man overall, was not the father. She then gave up searching for Malachi's father.

Telena tested another man named Tommy for her other son Isaiah on May 9, 2005. She admitted to sleeping with 8 men at the time she became pregnant with Isaiah. Tommy was not the father. On Nov. 8, 2005, Telena came back to the show to test Nathan again and another man named James, who called her a "lying whore" when he found out he was not the father. When Maury read that Nathan was not the father, she fell on the floor and pounded it.

Telena tested her ex-fiance named Tommy she tested him for paternity of another son named Lucas in September Of 2009. Tommy had been on the show with Telena once before and Tommy was tested for Malachi on a past show and he was proven not to be Malachi's father and although Tommy wanted to be the the father last time this time he was denying he was Lucas's dad. After there 1st appearance on the show together Telena & Tommy broke up and called off their engagement so that means they weren't together anymore and they would not be getting married anymore. Telena interrupted Maury as he was reading the DNA test result and said "You are the father." But Maury said "You are not the father."

In her 8th appearance which was in October 7 2014 , Telena attempted to prove that a man named Walter was not the father of her two youngest children Elijah and Landon. Walter wanted to be the father of both of the boys but Telena said he wasn`t their dad, and he was the father of both of them. After reading the results, Maury said "It's the first time you've heard 'You are the father' and you don't like it?" Telena and Walter eventually married.

On her 9th appearance on January 9th 2017, Telena returned with Walter and her sister Tabatha. It was Tabatha's first appearance in nearly 12 years. After her husband Brian passed away three years ago, Telena suspected Tabatha was having an affair with Walter as an act of revenge for Telena's affair with Brian. Telena said she caught her sister smacking Walter in the buttocks and also suspects he is cheating with other women after she found a large pair of panties and condoms. Tabatha denied sleeping with Walter but said she caught him with other women. The lie detector revealed that Walter was not cheating with Tabatha or any other women.

On her 10th appearance, in November 6 2017, Walter is claiming to be the father of her two (new) children, however, Telena refuses and screams he is not. DNA test proves he is and Walter claims he will be out of Telena's life, but not the kids, and then Maury says "Good" and shake Walter's hand.


Telena's tenth appearance